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Wuyi Rock Tea


Wuyi Mountain also known as Bohea Hills in earlier Western documents, is famous with her tea, especially Wuyi Rock Tea and Wuyi Lapsang Souchong Black Tea.(Lean more about Wuyi Mountain, check Wuyi Wiki)

Wuyi Rock Tea has hundreds years history. Even go back to Boston Tea Party era(December 16, 1773), American has drink a lot of Wuyi Rock Tea and black tea. (Learn More)

Rock Tea was first produced by the order of the emperor at 1078 AD(Song Dynastic). And it was supply to royal only at that time. The Emperor named this tea as Merrylong Rock Tea(Da hong Pao) and gave Merrylong Rock Tea as a reward to heroes. That is the people how to know about this special tea. Then the Merrylong Rock tea get famous and famous. After sever years of 1078AD, the emperor made another order to stop making this tea because he thought this tea cost too much manpowers and premium raw tea. This made him feel guilty. Good news is some tea masters pass the traditional process to next generation.  


Now our tea master insists on making this traditional tea. Our chief tea master is Mr.Qitong Ye. His whole life is making all kind of tea from Wuyi Mountain. Now He becomes the first person recognized by national grade for Making Wuyi Rock Tea(Da Hong Pao) by Intangible Cultural Heritage. (See More, search 武夷). There are only 2 person recognized in national grade so far. 

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